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Zonal isolation allowing selective acid stimulation

Compartment isolation between sliding sleeves, prior selective acid stimulation

Acid Stimulation with Saltel Azip PackersObjectives

  • Effective isolation prior to performing selective acid stimulation
  • Enhance production rates from fractured carbonate reservoir.


Guarantee sufficient robustness to:

  • withstand tough run in hole (RIH) conditions (tight spots) due to high dogleg severity (DLS)
  • allow limited and controlled push/pull/rotation in case of a tight spot.


The oil producer well was drilled in 2017 in the Bekhme formation of Tawke Cretaceous reservoir,
in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The client requested an alternative to traditional swell packers for isolating compartments between sleeves during acid stimulation.
The completion would include:

  • Robust metal expandable packers designed for high DLS (up to 28°/100 ft)
  • Sliding sleeves (SSD) for selective acid stimulation and clean-up.

A selective acid stimulation would be conducted after the rig had moved out, to counteract the relatively poor initial stimulation treatment (limited coiled tubing acid wash).

Proposed solution

To provide reservoir compartmentalization in high DLS and tight spot environment, Saltel AZIP Packers were used to create a solid metal barrier against the 6-1/8in formation.
The short length (4ft) of sealing element enabled to pass the kick-off point, while the 5.5in RIH OD ensured a smooth entry through the restriction.






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