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Workover solutions with Expandable Steel Patch 

Clients must decide what workover solution works best for them, whether they choose the cost-effective and uncomplicated well intervention or something else.

However, operators can opt for complicated and expensive remedial operations such as workovers designed to cure enhanced recovery or tubular (and cement) integrity issues. One of the most cost-effective and reliable alternatives to resolving these issues is Saltel Patch, which is an expandable steel tube with elastomer on each extremity.

The patch allows for sealing off unwanted open or damaged sections of the wellbore. A successful patch installation restores tubular integrity. The patch installation can be fast and easy, making it a viable solution for any drilling or production operation.

Saltel Patch ensures top-notch post-setting ID, prolonging well life. Field-tested, it resolves downhole corrosion and erosion issues. Frequently, operators incorporate us into their workovers to optimize well longevity.

Besides, Saltel Patch is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional workover methods. It provides smooth entry, tapered ends, and Maximum internal diameter for improved flow rates once the well is back in production.

Which workover solutions with Expandable Steel Patch

The Patch has broadened its workover capabilities, widening the project to cover aged assets, existing wells, and new ones. This now encompasses damaged completion modules needing max ID, faulty frac ports, obstructed sliding sleeves, impaired DV tools, ICD, and sand screen sections.

Besides, the patch when setting will mold to the irregular geometry of the surface it is meant to cover. As soon as the expandable steel patch has been set, it will guarantee high ratings for internal differential service pressures.

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You can deploy the expandable steel Patch solution:

  • With a drilling rig.
  • With a workover rig.
  • With a snubbing unit.
  • With an intelligent coil tubing unit.