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In 2004 Saltel Industries was created to develop a high performance "Inflatable Packer" for the oil and gas industry.

With an initially small staff to begin the company, the primary resources were devoted to the development of the inflatable packer. The initial self-financed research resulted in a product with remarkable qualities. Marketing of the new product began in 2006.

In the ensuing years, the business grew rapidly with the development of new products and services. Two subsidiaries, one in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) and the other in the USA (Midland, Texas), were created in 2011. Three new subsidiaries were created in Australia, Argentina and Romania in 2013.

Each year the company devotes between 1.5M USD and 3M USD to research and development and owns 38 Families of Patents.

Its Inflatable Packers - originally manufactured exclusively for a major service company - withstand HP/HT conditions and frequent pressure cyclings before failure. More than 4,000 Inflatable Packers have been sold since 2006 with a 100% success ratio.

Its Expandable Steel Patches - used to optimize production, restore completion integrity and repair corroded casing - offer unique expansion and sealing performances. With a success ratio of 97% and a significant adaptability to highly different geometries, SES Patches are a unique and proprietary technology with no direct competition.

Since 2011, Saltel Industries has also developed a line of Expandable Steel Packers. For Shale Fracturing and low-end Stage Cementing, they provide – at the price of standard solutions – significantly better sealing properties. For high-end Stage Cementing, Zonal Isolation and Annulus Well Integrity, they meet the highest specifications.