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What is a well Packer

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A downhole sealing device

As our answer to the question, “What is a well Packer,” We can say the following.
A well packer is a piece of downhole equipment used in completions as a sealing device. This device isolates downhole pressures inside or outside the casing or tubing string.
A well packer set in both upper and lower completions. The packer can create isolation in both injection and production applications.

Xpandable Steel Packer – The permanent zonal isolation barrier

Saltel Xpandable Steel Packers are permanent stainless steel annulus barriers. These packers act as baffles to isolate selected zones in the annulus for various purposes. 

  • Prevent fluids or gas migrations in the annulus in long-term zonal isolation.
  • Split the reservoir intervals into numerous sections to allow fracturing selected stages or for particular production purposes.
  • Compartmentalize pay zones into specific areas for acid treatment.
  • Act as a plug, in combination with cement in Plug and abandonment applications.
  • Reinforce annular cement integrity
  • Allow cementing above lower completions or above loss zones 
packer meaning

In all cases, the Xpandable Steel Packer essentially acts as an annulus barrier to creating zonal isolation. This zonal isolation is possible thanks to the metallic sleeve thickness and pressure-rated valves balancing the differential pressures ‘across’ (annulus-to-annulus), or ‘in-out’ (annulus-to-casing).