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Well maintenance with casing patch technology

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Well maintenance and repair

Oil and gas wells often have operational issues, such as worn parts, casing or tubing leakage, corroded sections, damaged completion equipment, or unwanted perforations to seal off. To fix these problems, operators use well intervention services. These services can go either in light or heavy interventions. Light interventions involve lowering tools into the well without stopping production. Heavy interventions require removing the completion string and killing the well by stopping production at the formation.

Operators must weigh the cost of intervention against the potential benefit of increased production when deciding whether to intervene. This is possible during the planning phase.

Operators’ decisions are also influenced by new or enhanced intervention methods in well maintenance and repair. For example, engineers have developed fit-for-basin ranges of expandable steel patches for harsh environments (extremely high temperatures and highly corrosive environments).

Let us assume the following scenario: your well is not producing as much oil or gas as it used to, and you also think it is less costly to repair the existing well than to drill a new one. Saltel Expandable Steel Patch can help you in various applications when it comes to repair and maintenance. 

In most cases, our intervention depends on the client’s maintenance and repair activity and on the results of the temperature or acoustic logs of the tubular equipment.

Well maintenance and repair applications with the Expandable Steel Patch

The patch has widened the options for workover in order to make it more convenient. In other words, the Patch now includes damaged completion modules, open and blocked sliding sleeves, cracked ICDs, and maintenance and repair applications in new wells.

The Patch adjusts to irregular shapes and promises high-pressure ratings. It can deploy with a drilling rig, workover rig, snubbing unit, or coil tubing unit. More info on expandable steel Patch applications for new wells, is available.