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Seal in the annulus

Saltel Expandable Steel annular well packer technology includes a full range of Hydraulic set packers that are designed to provide annular zonal isolation in both open hole and cased-hole applications. These packers are capable of delivering a reliable and secure seal, and can be used to isolate annular sections of the wellbore for various purposes.

The packers are available in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate a wide range of wellbore diameters and can also go through custom design for specific applications. In addition, the annular well packer comes with a design for a safe and easy installation (Within less than one hour in situ with or without hydraulic setting tools). The packers are also resistant to harsh environments and have a long service life, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in the most demanding environments.

A stainless steel annular oil well packer is a direct answer to complex downhole necessities. Smart completions, Extended reach, and the need for openhole packers for annular isolation are changing the market. Well-completion designs are increasingly complex.

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What is a Packer (@Saltel) 

Saltel Industries commits to giving clients the certainty they need in today’s oilfield. We have developed rigorous tests and use advanced technology. ISO 14310 and API19OH are part of that. Our expandable steel packers are reliable for fluctuating pressures and HP stimulation in horizontal wells. Our expertise in elastomer composites and steel plastic deformation provides field-proven packers for completion. We innovate and stay up to date with new challenges.

Thus, our portfolio includes:

short-term stimulation under high pressure

annular cement security

permanent zonal isolation

Expandable Steel Packer – The permanent well packer for zonal isolation

Saltel Expandable Steel well packer is a permanent barrier in the annulus. The well packer act as baffles to isolate zones, preventing fluid/gas migration. They split intervals into sections and segment pay zones. They plug, in conjunction with cement, for P&A and reinforce the cement integrity. Additionally, they allow for cementing above lower completion/loss zones.

Effective Packer isolation with pressure compensation.

  • In conclusion, Saltel metal packers are always annular barriers, ensuring effective zone isolation with the help of packer sleeve thickness. Pressure-rated valves balance differential pressures in two scenarios; ‘across’ (annulus-to-annulus) and ‘in-out’ (annulus-to-casing).