Well intervention

Well intervention Extending the life of producing wells

Saltel Industries offers a range of well intervention services based on a solid field-proven track record and experience to extend the life of producing wells, by improving performance and recovery of hydrocarbon reserves.

During the life of well, some downhole hardware might require maintenance, repair or replacement. When requested, operators usually turn to well intervention contractors. Well interventions can be split in two general categories: light or heavy.

Light well interventions address live well operations with pressure at the surface, to replace or adjust downhole equipment such as pumps, valve, or to collect live data on pressure, temperature and flow rates. Saltel Patches can be set to address casing integrity issues with a smart coiled tubing unit or a snubbing unit. The feasibility of the job will depend on the well configuration.

Heavy well interventions involve the interruption of the production prior to process major equipment changes. Also referred to as workovers, heavy interventions means replacing bigger hardware such as tubing strings and pumps that cannot be retrieved through light interventions. Prior to replacing tubing strings, the casing or tubing patch alternative can usually be sufficient to repair corrosion, leaks, or parted connections, and can even be used as a backup to squeeze cement or squeeze gels, depending on the application and the well configuration.

Specific heavy interventions may be performed to plug and abandon an initial producing zone, to reconfigure the well and produce from a secondary zone; these operations are known as recompletions. Saltel Xpandable Steel well Packers have already been used as a plug and abandonment solution and also as annulus isolation barriers in recompleted wells.