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Well completion

Saltel Xpandable technologies in your well completion

Part from Schlumberger since 2016, Saltel Industries combines their domain expertise with their commitment to your success, to give you confidence in your well completion.

well completion

Continually innovating to address your numerous well completion challenges thanks to our expertise in elastomer composites and plastic deformation with extended elongation of stainless steel tubulars, we provide field-proven technologies for your completion going from well construction with zonal isolation packers, through well completion repair with Xpandable steel Patch, to pressure test (Xpandable Pressure Test Tool) and pressure activation tools (Xpandable ball seat).

Well completion with zonal isolation packers

packer applications for well completion

Xpandable Steel Packers are stainless steel annulus barriers designed to isolate annular sections. The plastic deformation of stainless steel sleeves combined with composite elastomer skin ensures an effective seal, robust and permanent barriers to seal the annulus. Crimped or welded around the casing, they are permanent packers, set to seal annular gaps. Xpandable Steel packers help during and after cementing operations to guarantee a perfect annular integrity. In such cases, they can be run (sometimes in conjunction with cement stage tools) for single or multiple stage cementing, off-bottom cementing, or cement backup. Xpandable Steel Packers can also be used to isolate fracturing stages during openhole ball-drop multistage fracturing operations, or for long term annulus zonal isolation requirements, such as reservoir compartmentalization, acid stimulation, and plug and abandonment. 


Well completion repair

Patch applications for well completion

Saltel Patch is a permanent solution used to repair a zone of damaged tubing or casing, to shut-off unwanted perforations, to seal a leaking sliding sleeve, or other remedial operations. This expandable short length of tubular is made from high quality stainless steel with an elastomer outer skin and a profiled sealing system, the Saltel Patch is run on tubing, drill pipe, or coil tubing. At depth the Patch is expanded using a high pressure inflatable packer, and pushed against the casing to activate the outer seals. The setting tools are extracted to leave a pressure resistant inner lining inside the well.



 Pressure test tool

We provide high-temperature Inflatable Packers to allow pressure-testing your well. Saltel Xpandable Pressure Test Tool is a high-performance packer deployed with tubing, drill pipe or coiled tubing. This packer can be used to pressure test the well to locate a leak prior to a patch operation, or to pressure test the patch after it has been installed, should there be no other leak above the sealed zone. Depending on the nearness of an operating base, the equipment and the mobilization of field personnel are likely to be immediate.