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Well casing repair and criticality of a damaged casing

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Expandable steel patch technology remediates corroded and worn casing rapidly.

We have 2 different cases for one similar casing repair scenario

  • Ageing wells, which are often a cause of damaged casings, liners or tubings. These issues appear after years of corrosion or wear fatigue. 
  • New wells now require more and more casing repair interventions. This might be due to:
    • More casing installations in longer horizontals.
    • More tortuous wellbores.

Damaged casing repair alternatives will depend on numerous criteria:

  • On the one hand, the size of the casing.
  • On the other hand, the condition of the casing.

In addition, we can include

  • Firstly, the depth.
  • Secondly, the extent of the leak or damage.
  • Then, the well’s productivity (economics).

Damaged tubular

Actually, well casing repair and maintenance have always been a primary concern for operators. The casing string is intimately linked to the production lifespan. Damaged casings mean both serious hazards to QHSE and potential jeopardy of the production rates. Mature and new wells are both subject to such threats and may require an intervention. The patch intervention prevents not only blowouts or collapsing of the damaged strings. This well intervention alternative can also eliminate the need for a significant workover.

Saltel alternative for casing repair

Saltel offers a full range of casing isolation, repair, and replacement technologies. The expandable steel casing Patch allows restoring casing integrity. The patch optimizes the well production and prevents fluid or gas migrations in the annulus. Once set, the casing patch leaves large ID access to the well for most standard downhole tools.
Saltel Xpandable Patch is a pressure-resistant inner lining that allows the end-user to avoid plug and abandonment decisions.
Now you’re a bit more familiar with Saltel expandable steel patch technology. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can work on a quick feasibility study. This will ensure that casing repair with Saltel Patch is fully compatible with your well configuration.

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