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Visit Saltel Indutries at Las Jornadas de Perforacion 2014

jornadas de perforacion

Saltel Industries is exhibiting at Las Jornadas de perforacion 2014, next 1-2 October 2014, at the "Espacio Duam", booth I 11. We are presenting our Expandable Steel Technologies.

  • Saltel Packers: an innovative annular well solution for Open hole Multistage Fracturing, Multistage Cementing and Zonal Isolation applications. 
  • Saltel Patches: a permanent solution for production optimisation (water shutoff, gas shutoff, sand shutoff), well maintenance and repair (casing repair, tubing repair, screen repair), New well applications (frac port repair, DV Tool repair, sliding sleeves repair), and enhanced oil recovery.

Saltel industries has now run more than 500 patches worldwide.