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Saltel Industries Events Shows Conferences

To ensure and sustain its growth, Saltel Industries keeps watching on worldwide events from strategic areas. If Trade Shows and conferences enable us to strengthen our brand awareness among the oil and gas operators, these events continue to bring us new business opportunities for our major product lines:

  • Saltel Expandable Steel Patches (Saltel Patches)
  • Saltel Expandable Steel Packers (Saltel Steel Packers)

Taking part in shows and conferences worldwide establishes a physical contact between the client and our latest expandable technologies, that are usually showcased as demonstration tools, animations, goodies and sales litterature. Meeting the client with steel patch and packer samples, truly helps the explanations, and facilitates the understanding of our expandable steel Technologies.

This is why each participation to an oil and gas event is for us a special opportunity to gather our best resources to share our expandable steel knowledge a little more each day among oil and gas operators.