pipeline repair with casing patch

Pipeline repair

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Published on 22 November 2015

Repair damaged or corroded pipelines

Saltel Industries and Atteris have combined their expertise and technology to develop a range of new pipeline repair methods. This game-changing technology is based on internally repairing a pipeline defect using Saltel Industries’ proven Expandable Steel Technology, combined with standard deployment techniques and equipment.

In many pipeline defect repair scenarios, the internal patch repair technology enables a substantial reduction in repair cost, possibly avoiding the need for a diving support vessel, a hyperbaric weld spread, pipeline handling frames, and mass flow excavation equipment.

The Saltel Expandable Steel Patch is made of a high-quality corrosion-resistant alloy sleeve covered with elastomers. The Patch can be run on coiled tubing or drill pipe from an access point several kilometers away from the target. At the pipeline’s defect location, the Patch is expanded using Saltel Industries’ high-pressure inflatable packer. Packer inflation pushes the Patch against the pipe wall to activate the outer seals. Then the setting tools are extracted to leave a pressure-resistant inner lining inside the pipeline.

We deliver a complete package, including engineering, design, qualification, compliance, onsite management, and installation. Installation is managed by highly trained Saltel engineers ensuring the success of every repair.

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