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The two first Saltel Patches ever installed in Australia

Saltel Casing Patch installed after a cement squeeze treatmentThe two first Saltel patches (Total Sealing, 0.11in [3 mm], 19.68 and 26.24ft [6 and 8m] long, have been deployed successfully in two Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells, in Australia.

The objective was to cover the cement squeeze area with a casing patch in each well, to restore integrity in the 7in production casing. The patches were installed after the cement remediation jobs (Perf. & Cement Squeeze).

The setting went as per job program, and post-setting pressure tests confirmed the efficiency of the new barrier (1,000 psi [68.94 bar], less than 2% pressure loss over 10min).

The wells are now being completed and put in production.