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Aggressive Environments

To meet aggressive environment numerous requirements due to H2S, Chloride, NaCl or other chemicals, we are able to adapt resistant materials to our products.

Our knowledge of various sealing materials and tubular metallurgies enables to study the operator's well conditions, and propose customized solutions. We can also propose customized geometries of our products, to exceed your need, should it be

  • higher collapse resistance
  • low restriction to go through
  • higher expansion ratio
  • or non-standard patch length

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Life of Well Technical Challenges

Drilling and well constructionReliable Well Integrity is vital through all phases in the life of a well, from drilling, completing, stimulating, working over through to Plug and Abandonment. Even in aggressive environments the solutions used must be designed to last for the life of the well. Saltel Industrie’s unique combination of extensive material testing, FEA calculations (and their validation in a downhole environment), combined with an extensive knowledge and experience of in-situ steel expansion, ensure we provide life of well solutions adapted to even the harshest environments.

Loss Zones

loss zones, stage cementing with open hole packerPartial or total lost circulation can significantly increase the complexity, risk, uncertainty and cost of drilling a well.
Saltel Industries provides solutions to help eliminate these problems:

A wide range of Expandable Steel External Casing Packers (ECP) used in conjunction with a DV tool or stage collar, will provide an efficient mechanical barrier to ensure correct cement placement.

Well Plug & Abandonment

Worldwide, governments and legislative authorities are encouraging the oil and gas industry to seal and permanently take offline unproductive wells to prevent them from impacting the environment. In an effort to reduce the cost of abandonment operations, operators and regulators strive to improve how P&As are performed and the service Companies are continually developing tools and techniques to increase efficiency without compromising safety. Minimizing costs, without sacrificing well integrity, is critical to operators, who make a significant investment with no financial return in the case of P&A operation. Saltel Industries technology and products which can seal effectively (up to 15,000 psi differentially) in casing and borehole (AZIP) can answer this challenge.

Intelligent Well Completions

Zonal isolation packers in well completions

Saltel Industries AZIP packers can be run in various configurations in combination with sensors.
These sensors can give different data such as Pressure, Temperature and the status of AZIP valve

Irregular Geometries

oval casingNo borehole has a perfect circular well geometry. Cavities can also be encountered.
Casings and tubings can be deformed; they are corroded. Different types of products and tools are
Incorporated in the casing and tubing strings
Due to his unique technologies, Saltel Industries products can adapt to the well geometry irregularities and the types of tools included in your strings.
Saltel Expandable Steel Packers can seal effectively in oval, out of gauge or irregular boreholes.
Saltel Expandable Steel Patches, due to its expansion with inflatable elements can be set and sealing perfectly in ovalised pipes or in profiles (sliding sleeves, DV tools,...).

Horizontal Drains


Horizontal drains are now commonly used to develop Oil and Gas Fields.

Saltel Industries innovation and technology afford their Products to be run even in Short Radius horizontal drains:
- Specific design of DHET running tools for all Expandable Patches applications
- Short effective sealing length design (even for 15K applications) for all Expandable Steel Packers applications.

Deep & Ultra Deep Offshore

The challenging constraints of the deep and ultra deep water context coupled with the high cost of the related infrastructure call for ever-greater optimization of production and great care of the environment.
Saltel Industries technology with its isolation Packer AZIP ensuring effective sealing in oval, out of gauge or irregular boreholes is aiming to answer these challenges. The advanced AZIP can even give well data as Pressure, Temperature, and setting status of the packer.


Hi temp

As conventional sources of oil and gas decline, operators are increasingly turning their attention to unexplored or underdeveloped areas. High temperatures and/or high pressures are often found in these uncharted territories, presenting complex challenges.
According to the SPE E&P glossary, high temperature is where the undisturbed bottom hole temperature is greater than 300°F or 150°C. As for high pressure, that definition is met when the maximum anticipated pore pressure of the porous formation to be drilled exceeds a hydrostatic gradient of 0.8 psi/ft, or the well requiring pressure control equipment has a rated working pressure in excess of 10,000 psi or 69 MPa.
As tools and technologies for these wells become conventional, the temperatures and pressures considered high, extreme or ultra will continue to rise.
Saltel Industries has developed a range of Expandable Steel Casing Patches and Packers with unique characteristics aiming at working at 15,000 psi and sealing with 15,000 psi differential pressure.
Sealing elements have even been developed for use in at working temperatures of up to 335°C/635°F.

Well Integrity

Well Integrity is the Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of all Well Equipment to a standard that ensures the safe containment of Produced well fluids and Injectants for the life of the well.
Saltel Industries Annular Zonal Isolation Packers (AZIP) offer a simple, stand-alone means of achieving zonal isolation in wells without the need for cementing.
Also, selective cementing of specific zones, achieved through the use of the External Casing Packer (ECP AZIP) and Port Collar system allows to leave select zones uncemented.