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    expandable steel packers

    Improving Primary cementing animation

    MultiStage cementing, two-stage cementing

    Used as an additional annulus barrier to reinforce wet cement while setting, Saltel Xpandable Packer prevents crossflow or channeling, and eliminates any gas migration, Saltel Packer expansion into wet cement to eliminate fluid or gas migrations helps guaranteeing life of well annulus integrity.


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    Saltel Industries at DUG Bakken & Niobrara

    dug bakken landing banner

    Saltel Industries is taking part to Hart Energy's DUG Bakken & Niobrara Show.

    Visit us & meet our representatives (Denver, Colorado Convention Center) on Booth 327, from 31 March to 02 April 2015. Saltel Industries is showcasing its Expandable Steel Technologies:

    The SES Packers and SES Patches. Both technologies are oilfield innovative solutions.

    Expandable Steel Packers:

    Our Steel Packers once expanded in situ are long term & reliable annular barriers for Open Hole Multi-stage Fracturing, Multi-stage cementing and Zonal Isolation applications.

    Expandable Steel Patches:

    Saltel Expandable Steel Patches are short lengths of tubular expanded with an inflatable packer. SES Patches are a permanent solution to repair damaged casing or tubing, shut off unwanted perforations, repair leaking DV tools or frac ports... Today more than 492 patches have been installed in Europe North America, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, ranging in length from 3 to 66 m and mainly on-shore but also off-shore

    dug bakken logo

    Plays covered by the event: Bakken, Niobrara, Powder River Basin, Three Forks, Williston Basin