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    Saltel Industries at DUG Permian 2015

    Saltel Industries Dug Permian Basin

    From 19 to 21st May 2015, Saltel Industries will be participating in the DUG PERMIAN BASIN trade show in Fort Worth - Convention Center, Tx. Come and find us on booth 810. We will present our latest Expandable Steel Technologies.


    SES PACKERS (Completions)

    SES FracPacker (Open Hole Multi Stage Fracturing Annulus Barrier)

    We will present our pioneering annulus zonal isolation system for unconventional completions: Saltel Expandable Steel FracPacker. SES FracPackers is an annular barrier (open hole) preventing wells from migrations in the annulus, ensuring well integrity and allowing a better Frac efficiency.


    SES PATCHES (Remedial Services)

    The Expandable Steel SES Patch will also be presented. SES Patch is a life of well solution to specific frac applications (damaged Frac Port or leaking DV Tool) and also perfs shut off and casing repair in conventional wells.

    Saltel Industries at URTEC 2015


    Urtec 2015 

    Saltel Industries will be exhibiting at 2015 Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC) next 20-22 July 2015. We will be happy to welcome you to our booth 109, and will present our latest developments for both expandable steel Packers and & Patches.


    Saltel Expandable Steel Technologies

    SES Packers

    The SES Packers presented fit for Annulus Integrity, Zonal Isolation, and Shale Fracturing applications. SES Packers are slid onto the completion casing and fixed by Welding or Crimping (patented) its End fittings. The application of hydraulic pressure in the completion casing expands the packer's metallic sleeves. The steel sleeves plastic deformation creates a solid and permanent annular well isolation whose sealing efficiency is ensured by a thin layer of HNBR (swelling and non-swelling).


    SES Patches

    SES Patches fit for Production Optimisation (Perfs shut-off), Well Maintenance & Repair (damaged casings), New well applications (Frac Port, DV Tools, or sliding sleeves repair), and Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR) applications (SAGD, CSS remedial applications). SES Patches are expanded using a high pressure inflatable packer and pushed against the casing. Once the setting tools are extracted, a pressure resistant inner lining is left inside the well.