Casing patch

Successful stage tool repair with Saltel Patch

Ensuring well integrity, enabling Fracturing the well, leaving sufficient ID for the largest frac ball, and withstanding 8,900 psi [613 bar] frac pressure

stage tool repair2 2

The client well had a frac port that was stuck in the open position. To resume fracturing operations, a casing patch had to be set inside the well to isolate the stage tool and restore well integrity.

The stage tool was milled out to drift ID 3.794 in [96.39 mm], the Patch needed to leave access for a 3.375in [85.73 mm] ball, yet still withstand high fracturing pressures of 8,900psi for multiple fracs with 2,000 tons of proppant.

Solution : Long Saltel Patch

39.47ft long patch x 4.5in x 0.118in (reinforced) Elastomer thickness 0.059in, RIH OD 3.504in

Result : The patch was successfully installed across the milled out Stage Tool

It was set and drifted using our 83.82mm OD drift ring to ensure the patch was fully set without any restriction. It was then pressure tested to 25MPa prior to starting fracturing phase. All 20 stages below the patch were stimulated at 8,900 psi [613 bar] without issue and withstood the high pressures and pump rates without leaking nor bursting.