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  • Successful Sand Screen repair, Offshore Caspian Sea

Successful OpenHole Multistage Fracturing

 Successful OpenHole Multistage Fracturing Operations with Saltel FracPackers


  • A Gas producer horizontal well with openhole multi-stage completion (ball-drop sleeves) 4-1/2in 13.5 lb. /ft. P110 run in 6-1/8in openhole.
  • The client selected a combination of 2 different Isolation Packers: 15 Hydromechanical Isolation packers (competition) with 5 Saltel Expandable Steel FracPackers located at the toe.


FracPacker is a patented metal expandable packer specially designed for OH multistage frac operations. Saltel Industries provided five 10k 4-1/2in ISO 14310 V3 qualified to 10,000psi (68.9Mpa) differential pressure. The FracPackers came set on 10ft Pup Joint (4-1/2in 13.5ppf P110), with pin-box LT&C connections.

The short length of the packer (3.3ft) combined with its reduced intial diameter (5-1/2in) facilitated the Running In Hole. The Saltel FracPackers were first run to depth from 12,675ft (3,850m) to 13,800ft (4,200m) in the horizontal section, then successfully expanded a couple of months later with the frac fleet.

Saltel FracPackers ready to be run in hole


  • The FracPackers installation was a success.
  • The FracPackers enabled successful Shale Fracturing Operations.
  • Frac pressure of the zones varied between 5,945psi and 7,395psi (41MPa to 51MPa)
  • 335m3 to 454m3 of frac sand have been pumped in the intervals


Checking both pressures and rates of each frac treatment in the intervals isolated by the Saltel FracPackers showed a solid annular isolation. Following this success, the Operator decided to run 36 FracPackers in a full Openhole multi-stage frac completion end of 2015.



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