Successful casing patch field trial in the Middle East

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Published on 18 January 2021

Saltel Industries records a new successful field trial for a major operator in the Middle East. The company successfully deployed a 21m-long [72ft] patch in a 7-5/8in casing to cover perforations. 

Initially, the client shot these perfs on purpose as part of a specific drilling method. To clarify, this method involved using the water produced from a reservoir to dilute hydrocarbons during the drilling phase.

The reservoir once drilled, the client had to restore the casing integrity. In consequence, Saltel Patch had to cover the perfs as a mechanical alternative.

The Patch high expansion ratio allowed mixing two casing sizes. As a result, this would allow a full bore ID post-patch installation. For instance, the client could run/retrieve a completion. So, they could run downhole gauges across the patch as closest possible from the reservoir. The patch perfectly sealed off the perfs without the need for a complimentary cement squeeze job.

Today Saltel Patch is the only expandable technology worldwide able to achieve such technical feat in the market.

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