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Casing split repair with casing patch

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Published on 19 February 2020

Unexpected casing split – The client experienced a pressure drop during stage 3 of a 60+ stage shale fracturing program of a horizontal well in West Texas. A camera run confirmed a casing split far off in the lateral, 5,000ft after Kick-Off Point, 14,000ft MD.
Additionally, the deviation survey of the well showed an extreme dogleg severity (DLS) spotted at 8,655ft MD, over 22°/100ft.

With a zone to treat deep in the lateral, numerous preventive actions were mandatory to ensure:

  • to prevent the erosion of the patch elastomeric seals
  • the accuracy of the setting depth
  • accurate expansion steps despite the increasing drag on the work string

The patch installation went flawlessly, in conformance with its quality control process.

The client is pleased about this success, and happily received the trophy celebrating this record. Saltel Xpandable steel Patch had been the client’s incumbent solution for casing remediation, since 2013.

split casing repair with casing patch
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