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10,000 psi OHMS fracturing completion successfully deployed in gas producer

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Published on 23 April 2020

Xpandable FracPacker allows reaching TD without issues in challenging gas well environment

Middle East – Saltel Xpandable steel FracPacker 10K allowed reaching TD with no issues, in a challenging gas well environment. The goal was to convey the 10K OHMSF fracturing completion to TD and avoid cemented liner alternative.

Saltel FracPacker allowed the OHMSF fracturing completion to unveil a mix of new possibilities in the market: higher string rotation capacity, higher pumping rates, higher circulation pressures, Extended sealing area, better access to washed-out OH sections, conveyance to TD with no buckling nor lockout of the MSF string, and minimizing the drag risk by reducing the friction factor.

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