Steel AZIP-C-1-0

Expandable Steel Annular Zonal Isolation Packer Crimped, 1-0

Expandable Steel Annular Zonal Isolation Packer Crimped, 1-0 - AZIP-C Valve 1-0

Saltel Steel AZIP-C 1-0 (and 0-1) is based on proprietary expandable stainless steel technology. It is designed to achieve zonal isolation at high pressure.
The packer steel sleeve is expanded between the casing and the borehole by applying pressure in the casing. It conforms to the real wellbore shape. Sealing with the borehole uneven surface is achieved through a patented thin layer of bonded elastomer (associated with expandable dynamic seals for temperatures above 250 degF / 120 degC).

The packer is built onto a one piece mandrel by crimping. This patented design keeps casing integrity and provides high sealing and anchoring of the Packer ends with the base pipe. There is no welding, no machining operation on the base casing and there is no hidden internal connection. Both ends are fixed and serve as protection to the expandable sleeve while running in hole.

The packer features an expansion and pressure compensation valve that closes permanently the expansion port once the packer is set. The valve is activated by reaching a pre-determined pressure level. The activation pressure value can be modified by replacing shear pin that is easily accessible. The expansion valve also provides safety if the packer is expanded in front of wash-out. The valve system is fully protected during RIH.
Once triggered, the valve simultaneously opens a fluid communication between the annulus and the packer chamber. Annulus pressure coming from the valve side is compensated inside the expanded steel packer sleeve providing high sealing capacity and excellent resistance to thermal cycling.


  • Primary cementing insurance
  • Stage cementing
  • Annulus integrity
  • Zonal Isolation
  • Horizontal, deviated, and vertical open hole


  • Robustness during RIH, can be worked in doglegs or tight spots
  • Preserve casing integrity after packer setting
  • Seal effectively in oval, out of gauge or irregular borehole
  • Expansion on demand (no waiting time)
  • Centralises the casing inside the wellbore

AZIP-C 1-0 | AZIP-C 0-1 working principle

  • The Packer is expanded by increasing the casing internal pressure
  • The valve is triggered at pre-set pressure to close the packer expansion port and guarantee the casing integrity. Simultaneously, a fluid communication with the annulus is opened to provide High sealing capabilities (High pressure in the annulus is naturally compensated inside the packer)

Expansion & Pressure compensation valve

Valve triggered a pre-set pressure to

  • close the expansion port and ensure casing integrity after packer setting
  • simultaneously open a fluid communication between annulus and packer chamber to provide High DeltaP capability