stage cementing kit

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Saltel Xpandable steel stage cementing kit/stage cementing tool places competent cement correctly in the intermediate casing string and extends operational capabilities. It minimizes NPT, costs, and HSE risks, as well as fulfills regulations.

stage cementing
Stage cementing tool

Reduce Costs

Our stage cementing tool aids in cutting construction and NPT costs and supports mitigating HSE risks and meeting regulatory requirements. Steel ECP and stage cementing collar ensure the proper distribution of cement around slotted or (pre)perforated liners.

The stage cementing tool can isolate the hydrostatic head of the second cement stage from the first. It also allows the selection of cement placement across desired zones. The Xpandable steel stage cementing kit can prevent gas migration. This could affect the primary cement job and create surface gas issues.

The stage cementing kit has numerous applications yet remains one single tool.

Unprecedented robustness and other perks

The Steel Packer is a tool for oil and gas drilling operations. It is used to set up above a difficult formation in a secure hole section. It provides assistance for cement circulated through the stage collar to the top of the hole. Its sturdiness and durability lessen the risk of harm during running-in-hole (RIH) operations. It can also be used in thin and narrow holes that can be difficult to navigate.

The Steel Packer helps to ensure that the cement circulates properly and securely, protecting the hole and formation from potential damage. String rotation while running-in is applicable to make the job simpler and better cement placement. The large expansion ratio guarantees a tight seal even in washed-out boreholes.

The tool reduces and mitigates health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks related to trouble zones and misplaced cement jobs. Zonal Isolation is an effective method of minimizing HSE risk. Using a stage cementing kit for zonal isolation allows for trouble zones to be worked out with just one tool, making the job easier and safer for personnel.

In addition, the stage cementing kit also provides the ability to test multiple stages of the cement job. This provides more data for analysis. This data might be useful to identify areas of failure before the job’s completion. This allows personnel to quickly and effectively address any issues before they become a bigger problem.

Reduce the chances of remedial squeeze cementing.

It is important to ensure the stage collar’s proper installation. This is in order to create a better cement bond and cement displacement. Additionally, it is important to ensure the cementing plug’s correct placement in the first stage. This will minimize the chances of having to use remedial cementing, as it will provide a better seal and better cement bond.

Furthermore, it is important to use the right kind of cement for the job, as this will also minimize the need for remedial cementing. Finally, it is important to take the time to properly prepare the well, as this will ensure that the cement has a strong bond to the surface of the well and that the cement job is flawless.

The use of this stage cementing kit can provide numerous benefits. One of the most significant is the reduction of flat time. Flat time is the period of time during which the cementing process is not actively progressing but rather waiting for something to happen. This tool can potentially reduce the amount of flat time by automatically monitoring the cementing process and responding to any changes that occur.

It can also automate a number of tasks, such as stirring, mixing, and pumping. This can reduce the amount of time waiting for the completion of manual processes. Ultimately, this tool can help to reduce the amount of time needed for the cementing process. This increases efficiency and productivity.

Features of a stage cementing kit

This stage cementing kit has features that appeal to a wide variety of customers. It has a packer stage collar that can be activated in order, quickly pumps cement for the second stage, works with oil and water muds, provides two tools in one, and includes the required float equipment for the first and second stages.