saltel casing patch with smart coil tubing

SPE-183026-MS Smart Coiled tubing telemetry system improvements

Coiled tubing telemetry system improvements with real-time tension, compression, and torque data monitoring

Abstract (successful sand shut off with Saltel Patch)

Sand shutoff – In 2015, a permanently installed single-mode Distributed Acoustics Sensing (DAS) fiber indicated several sand entry points along the wellbore. The operator tried to slow the sand inflow by choking the production by nearly 50%. However, this was not effective in the long run and this would have lowered the profitability.

The screen integrity needed to be fixed. Because of the well’s configuration, the most feasible repair was to install expandable steel patches across six sections where sand was flowing in.

  • Conduct a concentric CT cleanout to remove sand from the wellbore and reach TD.
  • Set a bridge plug with the wire CTT system at the depth of 13,481 ft MD.
  • Set six 44.3 ft-long 3in OD expandable steel patches over two different intervals; between 13,173 and 13,327 ft MD (four patches) and between 12,710 and 12,787 ft MD (two patches).
  • Record surveys with wireline deployed DAS on e-line simultaneously with permanently installed DAS.

The job was successful in achieving the above objectives set out in the scope of work. […]