Xpandable Steel FracPacker 15.000PSI

Saltel FracPacker 15,000 psi

Saltel FracPacker 15K is based on proprietary expandable stainless steel technology. The steel packer expandable sleeve is expanded between the casing and the borehole by applying pressure in the casing. Sealing is achieved with dynamic seals mounted between steel rings.

The patented pressure balanced double sleeve design allows for application of varying annular differential pressures while cycling the temperature without losing the seal.

Both end fittings are fixed-fixed and are crimped to the casing in order to preserve the full casing ratings. The end fittings also serve as protection to the expandable sleeve while running in the well. Rotation is possible while running in, full casing characteristics are maintained. The expanded sleeve also acts as a centralizer to the casing string once expanded.


  • 15,000 psi (103.4 Mpa) differential pressure
  • Cycling temperature from 320°F to 77°F (160°C to 25°C)
  • Seal effectively in oval, out of gauge or irregular borehole
  • Avoid thermal contraction when injecting fluids at a temperature lower than formation temperature
  • No waiting time: the FracPacker expands on demand and immediately seals after the expansion pressure is applied
  • Control the pressure applied by the packer on the formation in order to provide a good seal while not creating a high stress point
  • Eliminate extra connections or reducing the casing ID and maintain casing rating
  • Life of the well solution