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General Services


  • SES PATCH specific expansion and setting process requires the intervention of skilled and qualified personnel. Saltel industries therefore provide a full field and operation service associated with the SES PATCH product.


  • The SES PACKERS are assembled as part of the casing string and are expanded either by increasing casing internal pressure or with a straddle setting tool.
  • Field engineers can supervise the SES PACKER expansion according to the setting procedure. Saltel industries can also provide the full expansion service.

Pressure Test Inflatable Packer Service

Saltel Industries developed and manufactures a range of high-pressure, high-temperature Inflatable Packers for well pressure testing. These high-performance packers are run down-hole via tubing, drill pipe or smart coiled tubing. Pressure is injected in the string and the packer inflates and seals the wellbore. The casing above the packer can then be pressure tested. These packers can be used to pressure test the well in order to locate a leak before patch operation, or to pressure test the patch after the setting, if there is no other leak above the sealed zone.

  • Depending on the nearness of an operational base, equipment and personnel mobilization can be immediate.

Pressure Test Inflatable Packer


Pressure Test Inflatable Packer

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Downhole and Surface Equipment

SES Patch

  • The SES-Patch is expanded by injecting pressure through Tubing / Drill Pipe / smart coiled Tubing in the Down-Hole Expansion Tool equipped with an EXPANSION TOOL INFLATABLE PACKER.
  • Depending on location and the customer request, Saltel Industries can provide a pump. It can be mounted in a fully equipped trailer, a container or shipped in a crate on location.

Skilled and Certified Personnel

Operation employees follow a formalized training process with progressive levels starting from tools servicing and pressure test in the shop, to complex jobs supervision on the field.

The standard field Supervisor training program consists in:

  • Having field experience as a pump operator and be certified for this level (prerequisite)
  • Attending a 3-week school (lecture, exercises and exams) to have all the basic knowledge (well construction, hydrostatic pressure, setting tools, job planner software, troubleshoot, …) required for a patch or a packer operation
  • Following an on–the-field training, tutored by a Senior Supervisor. The trainee may participate to 5 to 10 jobs before he takes a first one fully in charge, under supervision and until he's validated
  • Achieving skill evaluation during a breakout to be considered as autonomous

SES Patch Service

Depending on the nearness of an operational base, equipment and personnel mobilization can be immediate.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

As an example of our commitment towards operational excellence, at the end of each job, a “job evaluation form” is signed by the client. The ranking given on three different axes are compiled and presented / examined in monthly top management steering committees.

  • Operations process success
  • Personnel safety attitude and compliance with the standards
  • Client job Success vision

In case of customer claim, an incident is created in our extranet dedicated module and processed through an Identify / analyze / act / validate workflow. Any customer claim is also registered in our extranet CRM module.

  • Customer satisfaction 3
  • Customer satisfaction 1
  • Customer satisfaction 2

For the last two years, the job success ratio is 97%

Detailed Manuals and Procedures

Below is an abstract of an operation procedure manual. More than 80 procedures system and manuals related to job evaluation, Equipment Preparation and Job Preparation, Patch and Packer setting processes are referenced in our Quality Management System.

Operation reliability


Dedicated Softwares (Job Planners)

All our jobs are simulated and prepared in our 'job planners' softwares. The job planners specific to SES Patch and SES Packers combine both the characteristics of the product to be installed, and the candidate well conditions.

During the operation the supervisor is guided by the job planners - an expert program anticipating on alternate solutions in case of downhole issues.

The supervisor in charge of the operation can thus perform the product setting with a perfect knowledge of how the product behaviour while being installed.

Job Planner

field operation 1 field operation 2
Internal software developed to simulate as per well condition the setting program.

Internal software developed

We never forget that our customers come to us by choice. We listen, respond to their needs and aim to exceed their expectations.

  • Evaluation of customer’s needs
  • Standard and customized solutions
  • Quality control from design to installation
  • Skilled local experts and specialized flying squad
  • At the end of each job, evaluation of customer’s satisfaction