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Saltel Steel ECP-W


Saltel expandable steel external casing packer - ECP-W scheme 01

Saltel Steel ECP-W is based on proprietary expandable stainless steel technology. It is designed to set at low pressure and achieve zonal Isolation, one-stage cementing or off-bottom cementing in low pressure environments.


ecp w 2The steel packer expandable sleeve is expanded between the casing and the borehole by applying pressure in the casing. It conforms to the real wellbore shape. Sealing with the borehole uneven surface is achieved through a patented thin layer of bonded elastomer.


The packer is welded onto a one-piece mandrel with no internal connection. The packer can be mounted on any carbon steel base casing in a simple and cost effective way. Both ends are fixed and serve as protection to the expandable sleeve while running in the well.


The packer expansion port is equipped with a valve system naturally closed from the inside of the expandable sleeve to the casing ID. Fluid is trapped inside the packer expandable sleeve to increase the differential pressure rating and to prevent the expandable sleeve from collapsing. Valve system also provides safety if the packer is expanded in front of a wash-out. The system closes the expansion port (non-permanently) if the flow exceeds a predetermined value. Located under the expandable sleeve, the valve has a large flow area and is fully protected during RIH. 


  • Robustness during RIH
  • Cost effective
  • Seal effectively in oval, out of gauge or irregular borehole
  • Expansion on demand (no waiting time)
  • Simple setting process. Quick installation time

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