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Saltel industries at the SPE HFTC 2013

13HFTC 180x150Saltel Industries will exhibit at the SPE HFTC (Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference) that will take place at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center (Tx, USA) from February 4th to 6th 2013. This event will give Saltel Industries the opportunity to showcase its last innovation: the Annular Zonal Isolation Packer (AZIP). The SES-AZIP is a new expandable metal barrier technology which maintains an effective seal with high differential pressures, giving a significant improvement in the quality for open hole isolation.

Expandable steel isolation Packers technologies currently on the market are made of one ductile metallic sleeve attached and sealed at its ends to the surface of tubing. The metallic sleeve is expanded radially towards the exterior by increasing the pressure in the tubing until it makes contact with the wall of the well, to create an annular barrier. These technologies have the advantages of high sealing and ageing capacities due to the permanent deformation of the steel but have the disadvantage of requiring high expansion pressures, and having relatively limited collapse pressure.


The new Saltel Expandable Steel AZIP uses internal pressure to make a permanent effective seal against the wellbore. A pressure compensation system* then allows any external pressure to penetrate, giving the AZIP the remarkable capacity to expand at a relatively low pressure and yet to support differential pressures up to 15,000psi with no leak, even in a hot and/or sour environment.

13HFTC A2Z_1002x190

The metal to metal sealing system associated with a thin elastomer cover provides a long life and reliable system that is not sensitive to temperature variation. This new technology has several advantages over existing solutions, as described herunder:

  • Fits with any well bore conditions (ovality of up to 20%) and conforms to the open hole. The high expansion ratio of the steel also enables it to set   into diameters up to 9 ½” (5 ½” AZIP)

  • Packing elements with elastomer and sleeve steel are mounted on the outside of the liner/casing pipe enabling full bore with full rotational capacity to be engaged (casing connection torque rating).

  • Relatively low setting pressures.

  • Maximum sealing capacities.

  • Packer body made with P110 Premium base Pipe with Packing elements and sleeve's extremities directly crimped and sealed on the premium base pipe.

  • Cost effective.

Before expansion

azip before_expansion 

After expansion

azip after_expansion


Expandable Steel Patch

Apart from the Annular Zonal Isolation Packer, Saltel Industries will also present its Expandable Steel Patch (well leak, tubing leak, casing leak repair or well integrity restoration), and its Pre Frac Patch

You will meet our team at booth #120!  We will be glad to help you with your Production optimization issues. To book an appointment, feel free to get contact with Virgile Newton at (+1) 281 770 3681.


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*The SES AZIP Double Sleeve model is not available in Europe. Please consult us for more information.