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  • Saltel Industries at Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show 2014

Saltel Industries at Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show 2014

 lloydminsterHOSSaltel Industries is exhibiting at Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show 2014, next 10-11 September 2014.

You will find us at the Lloydminster Avenue, on Booth 340, presenting Saltel Expandable Steel Packers (SES Packers) and SES Patches.


• Expandable Steel Patches are a permanent solution to repair damaged casing or tubing, Shut off unwanted perforations, repair leaking DV tools or frac ports, or sealing zones of slotted liners or other remedial operations. Saltel Industries is proud to announce we have run more than 400 patches worldwide.

• Expandable Steel Packers are an innovative technical answer to Open Hole Multi-stage Fracturing, Multistage Cementing and Zonal Isolation applications.


Both SES Packer and SES Patch are innovative solutions for oil and gas operators, who have high technical expectations in Saltel Expandable Steel Technologies.

Lloydminster is an important event in which experts will discuss about heavy oil knowledge and technology.