R&D Objectives and Methodology

Technology provides new downhole solutions offering strong added-value to oil and gas operators.

We encourage the creativity of our engineers, considering it as the starting point for technological breakthroughs for new products and applications.

Being an innovator within the oil and gas industry isn’t easy. The risks are significant, well integrity must be ensured, and the investment at stake is considerable.

Saltel Industries works in close collaboration with oil companies for the development and qualification of new products. Product champions are the technical interface between the client and the R&D team.
The introduction of a new product to the marketplace must follow a rigorous procedure. This procedure helps to guarantee minimum risk and provide an excellent match between the requirements and expected results for the operator in a challenging environment.
The process of creating a new product must rely on experienced development engineers, who impeccably understand the oil environment. The rigid methodology, which is applied, from the customer, needs definition to the product qualification, can all be followed on a TRL scale.

Innovation is part of the company culture. The innovation and creativity of Saltel Industries’ R&D teams are unquestionable. The company has applied for 38 family patents since its creation in 2004, and all the product ranges rely on reliable and pioneer patents. Saltel industries’ R&D and Innovation team is composed of 15 people, all either PhDs, engineers, or technicians.