External Casing Packer

Xpandable Steel ECP

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external casing packer

Saltel Expandable Steel ECP is based on proprietary expandable stainless steel technology. ECP stands for External Casing Packer. Firstly, the ECP has a specific design to set at low pressure to achieve zonal Isolation. Subsequently, ECP applications include stage cementing and the prevention of annular migrations.

The stainless steel packer sleeve expands between the casing and the borehole, applying pressure in the casing. It conforms to the real wellbore shape. The sealing with the uneven borehole surface is possible via our thin patented layer of elastomer.

Sealing lengths are available in 4 and 8ft. The packer mounts onto a one-piece mandrel and fixes by crimping or welding. The packer design preserves casing integrity and provides high sealing and anchoring of the packer ends with the base pipe. There is no welding, no machining operation on the base casing, and there is no hidden internal connection. Both extremities protect the ECP sleeve while running in the well.

The packer features a valve that closes the expansion port permanently at the end of the setting. The valve activates by reaching a certain pressure threshold. We can adjust the activation pressure value by replacing a shear pin that is easily accessible. The valve also provides safety in case of expansion in front of a washout. The end-fitting protects the valve system during the RIH. 

Open hole packer challenges

  • Robustness during RIH, even in high DLS and tight spots.
  • Preserve casing integrity after packer setting.
  • Seal effectively in oval, out of gauge or irregular borehole.
  • Expansion on demand (no waiting time).
  • Simple setting process.
  • Quick installation time.

The stainless steel packer sleeve expands between the casing and the borehole, applying pressure in the casing string. The sealing achieves with a thin layer of elastomer.

Dynamic seals mounted between steel rings can be added to improve sealing capacity.

The welded end fittings also serve as protection to the expandable sleeve while running in the well. Rotation is possible while running in, full casing characteristics are maintained. The expanded sleeve also acts as a centralizer to the casing string once expanded.