Xpandable steel Patch Customized

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casing patch in aggressive envioronments

Xpandable steel Patch Customized

Custom design for aggressive or specific environments The standard Patch was designed to fit most well conditions while being cost-effective....

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casing patch standard

Xpandable steel Patch standard

Saltel casing Patch is an economic way to stimulate the well production or to avoid plug and abandonment operation. One...

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frac port repair with xpandable steel patch

Xpandable steel PreFRAC patch

Saltel Patch is designed to meet mature well applications, but is also an answer for downhole issues, in new well...

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high temperature casing patch

Xpandable steel Patch Extreme High Temperature

"Extreme High Temp" Patch "Extreme High Temp" casing Patch is a permanent solution to repair a zone of damaged casing...

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high temperature well casing repair

Xpandable steel Patch High Temperature

Saltel Industries have developed and qualified a new range of products available under 200°C/392°F working conditions, from 4-1/2 into 13-3/8...

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expandable steel casing patch installation

Xpandable steel Patch V-Zero (V0)

Some applications require remedial operation with maximum sealing efficiency with high gas pressure. Performing a gas-tight sealing is a big...

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