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Primary cement backup

Improve primary cementing, preventing gas or water channeling in cement

Improving primary cementing


Annulus cementing is essential as a primary well barrier to secure the environment, and ensure the efficiency of high pressure stimulation operations below.

Efficient primary cementing can be difficult, particularly when there is potential crossflow, a tight borehole, or a risk of gas migration.

Proposed solution

Using a high pressure steel barrier to seal the annulus while the cement is setting will prevent crossflow or channeling, support the cement to keep it in place, eliminate any gas migration, and help to centralize the casing. A steel packer run on the casing can be expanded into the wet cement to eliminate these potential problems and ensure cement and annulus integrity..

Saltel Steel ecp C 

Available Product Range

Product line Saltel Steel ECP-C Saltel Steel AZIP-C 1-0
Features Mounting Crimped
Valve system Lock valve closing permanently packer expansion port and trapping fluid inside   packer Lock valve closing permanently packer expansion port + Annulus compensation valve (one side)
Sealing System Deformable steel sheath with elastomer seal
Benefits Reliability Life of well valve system Life of well (Sweet and Sour environment)
Performance High DeltaP achieved with moderate setting pressures Self energized High pressure differential from one direction Unaffected by temperature variations