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Pre-frac Patch Test Report


frac port


In horizontal completions where a fracture port has become blocked in the open position, the ability to frac the zones below is limited. Saltel Industries has developed a very slim Expandable Steel Patch with a high pressure rating, set using an inflatable packer. The modeling has shown this Patch should be able to seal inside an open fracture port, resist frac pressures, and still leave passage for a 3.5-in. ball to pass through.

This document presents the tests that have been performed at Saltel Industries in Midland, TX to:
- Validate the patch setting process inside a milled sleeve with 3.875-in. ID
- Establish that the internal pressure resistance for the Patch is >9,000 psi
- Demonstrate the possibility of running a 3.5-in. ball through the set Patch



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