Off-Bottom Cementing above uncemented Openhole completion

Patch over perforations before drilling operations

Saltel Patch enables cement repair and provides full-bore access to continue drilling

Saltel installed a customized steel Patch over casing perforations at 560ft (170 m), allowing drilling BHA to pass through a 12 ft/4 m 9-5/8 in patch customized with a thinnest sealing element.

Need to cover squeeze perforations

In a new well, the cement between the 9-5/8in casing and the wellbore was incomplete. The client had to perforate the casing to re-cement. The primary concern of the client was to cover the perforations and then to be able to pass thru with the directional drilling BHA (2° bent angle motor on an 8-3/8in drill bit).

The casing patch had to be customized

The casing is a 9-5/8in – 36 lbs/ft, with a nominal ID of 8.921 in (226.59 mm). Setting a standard 9-5/8 in Ultraslim patch was not possible, due to the small ID of the patch, once expanded.
R&D analysis led to manufacturing a customized 9-5/8 in Ultraslim patch. The thickness of the sealing element was reduced to 1.5 mm (0.0509 in) instead of 2.25 mm (0.088 in).
The expansion was performed in 2h on a 24h Drilling Rig. The patch was positioned by wireline, and pressure tested up to 1.500 psi (10.3 Mpa) solid for half an hour.
The 8-3/8in drill bit and 2° tilt angle passed through the patch (drift ID 8.411in / 213.63 mm) with slight dragging (8,000 lbs), and the well was successfully drilled as per plan.

The casing patch successfully isolated the squeeze perfs

The perforations were successfully sealed, and the drilling BHA passed through the patch. The client resumed drilling operations.

The best way to guarantee the requested drift ID

With a customized analysis from Saltel Industries R&D Dpt, we can get an adequate ID and match the client requirements. In this specific case, the Saltel Expandable Steel Patch (Saltel Patch) was the only product able to meet such expectations.