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Xpandable Steel Packer

The Expandable Steel Annular Isolation Packers are slid onto the completion casing, and sealed by welding or crimping. Hydraulic pressure is applied in the completion casing to expand the metallic sleeves up to the contact with the formation or casing it is set in. As a result, the stainless steel sleeves plastic deformation creates a solid and permanent annulus seal. Compared to existing solutions, our Annular Isolation Packers come with a drastically quicker and positive setting procedure compared to fluid-inflated packers, with more effective (high pressure) sealing features than elastomer swelling packers. The Expandable Steel Annular Zonal Isolation Technology brings new assets to the completion market in various applications such as Shale Fracturing*, Multistage cementing, Cement integrity and Replacement, Acid stimulation, and Zonal Isolation

  Stage Cementing Stage Cementing Annulus Integrity Annulus Integrity Zonal Isolation Zonal Isolation Multi-Stage Fracturing Multi-Stage Fracturing  


*Saltel FracPacker is not available in Europe. For more information please contact us