Open hole completion

What does open hole completion mean to us?

Open hole completion

Two different ways of completing the well are available at reservoir level: open hole completion or cased-hole completion. An open-hole completion is the uncemented bottom section of the well, reaching the reservoir. The well is commonly cased above the reservoir.

Open hole completions are meant to reduce the drilling costs. Cementing the whole annulus involves significant costs that can be reduced thanks to the open hole completion option. Besides, perforating costs can be reduced with open hole completion alternatives such as slotted liners or sand screens.

100% of Saltel Xpandable Steel Packers are designed for open hole completions. Only a few single cased-hole applications require our stainless steel well packers. In most cases, our open hole packers are run as part of the completion string to ensure open hole annulus zonal isolation, depending on the final use of the operator.