Open hole completion with expandable steel packers

Open hole completion

Firstly, two different ways of completing the well are available at reservoir level: open hole completion or cased hole completion. An openhole completion is the cementless bottom section of the well, reaching the reservoir. The well has commonly a casing above the reservoir.

An openhole completion has no casing or liner set across the reservoir formation. Subsequently, the completion allows the produced fluids to flow into the wellbore directly. In other words, such type of completion suffers the major disadvantage that the sand face is unsupported and may collapse. Also, without installing any casing or liner, selective treatments or remedial work within the reservoir section get more difficult.

What open hole completion means to us?

Openhole completions aim at reducing the drilling costs. Cementing the whole annulus involves significant costs. Openhole completion options might reduce these costs. Similarly, such alternatives allow reducing perforating costs with slotted liners or sand screens.

On top of that 100% of Saltel Xpandable Steel Packers are for openhole completions. Only a few single cased-hole applications require stainless steel well packers. Moreover, in most cases our open hole packers run as part of the completion string to ensure open hole annulus zonal isolation, depending on the final use of the operator.