Open Hole Ball-Drop Multi-Stage Fracturing

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Provide immediate efficient seal, whatever the fluids or the temperature cycles*


Openhole isolation is challenging, especially with irregular borehole geometries. With the high flow rates used during hydraulic stimulation, the temperature can drop in elastomer sealing elements, causing thermal contraction and leaks.


An openhole packer with a unique design: Xpandable steel FracPacker

Saltel Steel FracPacker has no moving parts and is set almost instantly by pressuring-up the casing. The robust mechanical structure will allow the string to be rotated, reciprocated, and, together with the large clearance, will avoid any damage running in hole. Self-centralization will reduce the number of centralizers.
The steel packer will also be able to self-adapt to irregular borehole geometry and to re-energize as soon as pressure is used in the interval. A pressure compensation system improves the seal as the fracturing pressure increases.