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Saltel casing patch among eligible transition technologies

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Published on 10 June 2022

saltel casing patch is a transition technology

Casing patch attributes as transition technology as per UN goals

Saltel casing patch is now recognized as a transition technology. The patch benefits to the environment are systematic, regardless of the application or the alternative technology. We present two different scenarios here. They’re representative of the two main applications of Saltel patch worldwide:

  • Production enhancement.
  • The restoration of the casing integrity in unconventional wells.

Casing patch selected attributes of sustainability

The patch attributes for the exercise of quantification are in the field of:

  • Travel with regards to personnel and equipment mobilization
  • The Embodied carbon footprint
  • The reduction of waste

Estimated calculations present the environmental impact of the patch through these two main applications. This impact depends on the application and the calculation of the annual implications of our transition technology.

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