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multistage stimulation

Saltel Xpandable steel frac packer provides an immediate and efficient seal, regardless of the fluids or the temperature cycles.

multistage stimulation

First of all openhole isolation is challenging, especially with irregular borehole geometries. Open hole ball drop multistage stimulations are challenging for various reasons.

One challenge is that with the high flow rates used during multistage stimulation, the temperature can drop in elastomer sealing elements. This is a risk of causing thermal contraction and leaks. To ensure the success of an openhole multistage stimulation operation, there are indeed demanding requirements.

Frac packer open hole completion meets numerous challenges and enhances multistage stimulation operations.

Firstly, you need to ensure the drilling of the well with a consistent inclination profile. Secondly, you need to establish a maximum stage count to reduce the string stiffness. Thirdly you must space out the multistage stimulation equipment as per agreed guidelines. To adapt to the sidetrack trajectories, you will preferably apply stiffer dummy runs.

On top of that, you ought to communicate the maximal RIH envelop for the well site, including a clear escalation protocol. Last but not least, you must also guarantee a robust metal packer body capable of withstanding high drag areas.


An openhole packer with a unique multistage stimulation design: Xpandable steel FracPacker

To optimize well performance, we can use multistage stimulation in conjunction with the Saltel Steel Frac Packer. The packer expands in less than one hour, enabling it to apply high-pressure systematically and treat each stage separately, ensuring isolation. This method of stimulation involves pumping a specific amount of proppant and fluid into the wellbore, followed by the application of pressure to fracture the formation.

Using Saltel Xpandable Frac Packer optimizes and allows for achieving maximum efficiency and productivity. Packer’s robust mechanical structure and self-adapting capabilities make it ideal for use in complex and challenging well environments. Furthermore, the pressure compensation system maintains the seal as the stimulation pressure increases, enhancing the effectiveness of the stimulation process.

Overall, the combination of the Saltel Frac Packer and multistage stimulation provides a powerful solution for achieving optimal well performance. The packer can withstand rotation, reciprocation, and pressure changes, making it suitable for use in complex well conditions. Given the systematic Openhole ball-drop MS fracturing approach, operators can ensure that they treat each stage of the well effectively, leading to a more efficient and productive operation. Furthermore, the operator can optimize well performance by applying high-pressure stimulation, ensuring each stage is isolated and treated separately. The pressure compensation system in the packer maintains the seal as the stimulation pressure increases, enhancing the effectiveness of the stimulation process. Overall, the use of the packer in conjunction with multistage stimulation results in a more effective and efficient stimulation operation.