Multiple Stage Cementing

Low pressure zones, high loss zones, faults, or the differential pressure created by the density of cement can make annular cementing difficult.
The challenge is to provide an alternative allowing proper cementing of the casing string with standard cement slurry (avoiding large cement losses and no return to surface).

Proposed solution

Steel Packers combined with a Stage Collar or DV Tool are run as part of the casing string. The packer is positionned above the troublesome formation on a competent hole section. Once expanded, the packer provides an effective support for cement circulated through the stage collar up to the surface. Depending on the number of loss zones and length of the casing, one-stage (and more) cement jobs are achievable. The robustness of the Steel Packer reduces any risk of damage during RIH even in slimholes. Rotation of the string while running-in is allowed to ease the operation. The high expansion ratio ensures effective sealing even in washed-out boreholes.


Saltel Annular Zonal Isolation Packers features:

  • Can be rotated while RIH
  • Simple setting process
  • Quick installation time
  • Can be worked in doglegs or tight spots
  • High sealing capability in cased hole or openhole