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Well completion

Saltel Xpandable technologies in your well completion

Part from Schlumberger since 2016, Saltel Industries combines their domain expertise with their commitment to your success, to give you confidence in your well completion.

well completion

Continually innovating to address your numerous well completion challenges thanks to our expertise in elastomer composites and plastic deformation with extended elongation of stainless steel tubulars, we provide field-proven technologies for your completion going from well construction with zonal isolation packers, through well completion repair with Xpandable steel Patch, to pressure test (Xpandable Pressure Test Tool) and pressure activation tools (Xpandable ball seat).

Well completion with zonal isolation packers

packer applications for well completion

Xpandable Steel Packers are stainless steel annulus barriers designed to isolate annular sections. The plastic deformation of stainless steel sleeves combined with composite elastomer skin ensures an effective seal, robust and permanent barriers to seal the annulus. Crimped or welded around the casing, they are permanent packers, set to seal annular gaps. Xpandable Steel packers help during and after cementing operations to guarantee a perfect annular integrity. In such cases, they can be run (sometimes in conjunction with cement stage tools) for single or multiple stage cementing, off-bottom cementing, or cement backup. Xpandable Steel Packers can also be used to isolate fracturing stages during openhole ball-drop multistage fracturing operations, or for long term annulus zonal isolation requirements, such as reservoir compartmentalization, acid stimulation, and plug and abandonment. 


Well completion repair

Patch applications for well completion

Saltel Patch is a permanent solution used to repair a zone of damaged tubing or casing, to shut-off unwanted perforations, to seal a leaking sliding sleeve, or other remedial operations. This expandable short length of tubular is made from high quality stainless steel with an elastomer outer skin and a profiled sealing system, the Saltel Patch is run on tubing, drill pipe, or coil tubing. At depth the Patch is expanded using a high pressure inflatable packer, and pushed against the casing to activate the outer seals. The setting tools are extracted to leave a pressure resistant inner lining inside the well.



 Pressure test tool

We provide high-temperature Inflatable Packers to allow pressure-testing your well. Saltel Xpandable Pressure Test Tool is a high-performance packer deployed with tubing, drill pipe or coiled tubing. This packer can be used to pressure test the well to locate a leak prior to a patch operation, or to pressure test the patch after it has been installed, should there be no other leak above the sealed zone. Depending on the nearness of an operating base, the equipment and the mobilization of field personnel are likely to be immediate. 




Workover: Damaged tubing or casing repair

Workover and Well Intervention with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch

Well Intervention with Saltel Patch eliminates or drastically reduces the need for a major workover.

An innovative setting process with high-pressure inflatable packer, contrasting with traditional cone setting:

▲Restoring casing integrity - Applications include repairing short lengths of damaged casing or tubing, damaged sand screens and leaking couplings.

▲Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications, including water and gas shut-off, modifying injection profiles

25 APPLI PATCH 2 600Saltel Industries has developed, tested and successfully trialed the use of a stainless steel Patch (steel tube + outer skin with a profiled sealing system) for perforation shut-off. 

Run on tubing or CTU, it is expanded downhole using an inflatable packer to create a high pressure inner lining inside the casing.









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Casing Patch


Casing Patch front


The recovery optimization of the hydrocarbon production is getting more and more important to operators. Managing oil and gas reservoirs more efficiently has become increasingly complex:

  • The need for isolating unwanted perforations in both production and injection wells has been growing
  • The necessity to restore casing integrity is now almost inevitable:
    • To prevent the well from fluid or gas migrations in the annulus
    • To prevent the well from any risk of blow out
    • To lengthen the well life
    • To stimulate and preserve the production rates

Restoring casing integrity 

Casing repair or perforations shutoff means meeting the objective of obtaining a downhole pressure-resistant  inner-lining seal system, while at the same time allowing maximum Inside Diameter – ID access for further well intervention.

Saltel Xpandable Casing Patch does not significantly reduce the casing diameter nor restricts the access to the wellbore below. A wide number of very different solutions have been used, including cement squeezes (After numerous cement squeeze failures, Casing Patches can be successfully set to complete the failing cement operation as a cement backup solution, and avoid casing leaks in an oil or gas well), injection of gels, straddle packers, and various composite and other casing patches, all with varying levels of success.
Saltel Industries have developed, tested and successfully trialed (several hundreds of casing patches installed worldwide) the use of their stainless steel Casing Patch being expanded in situ, to create a high pressure - resistant inner lining inside the tubular. Initially designed for perforation shut-off, the technology is now suitable for repairing both short lengths of damaged or corroded completion, but also for repairing damaged completion modules.

Saltel Xpandable Casing Patch is a remedial expandable steel solution for the oil and gas wells' integrity. Casing leaks and damaged completion issues need oilfield solutions that can resist to harsh environments while maintaining or bringing back the oil or gas production to satisfactory levels. Saltel Casing Patch meets effectively all these oilfield downhole challenges.

Saltel casing Patch is an economic way to stimulate the well production or to avoid plug and abandonment operation. One of the best advantages of an Xpandable Casing Patch is the maximum internal diameter provided post-installation, leaving full access to the well below, along with the ID initially requested by the client, and validated by our dedicated software (job planner) prior to the casing patch installation.

Saltel Casing Patch is a permanent solution, repairing zones of damaged tubing or casing, shutting-off unwanted perforations – modifying injection profiles, and shutting off gas and water (the Casing Patch reduces the water cut: large volumes of water may be produced to keep some Oil company operators’ wells at economic oil production rates. As a result, numerous perforations zones need to be isolated with an inner lining system), to seal a leaking DV tool, a damaged frac port, or leaking sand screens or ICDs (new well applications) + other remedial applications. High temperature and harsh environment Casing Patches can also be used for damaged tubulars, slotted liners or screens in thermal applications (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage - SAGD, and Cyclic Steam Stimulation - CSS).

Saltel Casing Patch is made from high quality stainless steel and elastomer outer skin with a profiled sealing system. It is run on tubing, drill pipe, and now Coiled Tubing. At depth the Patch is expanded using a high pressure inflatable packer, and pushed against the casing to activate the outer seals. Once installed, the setting tools are then extracted from the well. Our Casing Patch exists in various thicknesses, according to the well’s required specific application.

Frac ports

Prematurely open frac ports can be repaired with a casing patch to fully restore well integrity and keep on multi-stage fracturing process. The patch restores well integrity and allows continuing the hydraulic fracturing program, regardless of the failing frac port

Production optimization

Oil and gas operators have to cope with the unstable crude oil price. Meeting high income expectations means optimizing the production. Oil and gas wells have to produce more and more, to ensure better profits from initial investments, and capitalize on the best production from the existing wells. As long as oil & gas operators need to have their wells producing better and longer, optimizing the production is essential. Moreover, leaking casings or tubings due to corrosion, leaking connections usually occur in the life of young and mature wells. Leaks can have a strong impact on the production. If numerous production optimization techniques have come out to the market these recent years, our expandable steel patch is currently growing worldwide and meets numerous expectations from downhole technical challenges: Irregular boreholes, HPHT, short lengths, sealing insurance, and well integrity.

2015 Greetings

Happy new year 2015 !

Greetings from the Subsidiaries

Greetings from the HQ

Repair leaking casing

perforations shut off small

Repair a leaking casing

Leaking casing repair on oil and gas producing wells is capital for operators seeking to avoid groundwater contamination, or methane migrations into the atmosphere.

There are various explanations to a leaking casing: splitting casing, corroded casing sections, damaged couplings...

Saltel Expandable Steel casing patch allows restoring casing integrity, optimises the well's production, and prevents fluid or gas migrations in the annulus. the Patch once set, leaves large ID access to the well for most standard downhole tools. The Patch is a pressure resistant inner lining allowing to avoid plug & abandonment decisions.


Meet Saltel Industies at the ATCE 2014, Booth 2437

Capture ACE


Saltel Industries is exhibiting to the Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE 2014) next 27-29 October 2014. You will find our representatives at the RAI Centre (Amsterdam) Booth 2437. Saltel Industries will be showcasing its expandable steel technologies: The SES Packers and SES Patches.

Both technologies are oilfield innovative solutions.

The SES Packers:

Saltel Expandable Steel Packers are a technical answer to Open Hole Multi-stage Fracturing, Multi-stage cementing and Zonal Isolation applications. It also makes stage cementing effective in the long term and guarantees a reliable annular barrier preventing gas.


The SES Patches:

Saltel Expandable Steel Patches are short lengths of tubular expanded with an inflatable packer. SES Patches are a permanent solution to repair damaged casing or tubing, shut off unwanted perforations, repair leaking DV tools or frac ports... Today more than 440 patches have been installed in Europe North America Russia Africa and the Middle East ranging in length from 3 to 66 m and mainly on-shore but also off-shore

Pre-frac Patch Test Report


frac port


In horizontal completions where a fracture port has become blocked in the open position, the ability to frac the zones below is limited. Saltel Industries has developed a very slim Expandable Steel Patch with a high pressure rating, set using an inflatable packer. The modeling has shown this Patch should be able to seal inside an open fracture port, resist frac pressures, and still leave passage for a 3.5-in. ball to pass through.

This document presents the tests that have been performed at Saltel Industries in Midland, TX to:
- Validate the patch setting process inside a milled sleeve with 3.875-in. ID
- Establish that the internal pressure resistance for the Patch is >9,000 psi
- Demonstrate the possibility of running a 3.5-in. ball through the set Patch



We’re happy to share this document.

siq766 Illustration Download

Fill the form below and get instant access to the Pre-frac Patch Test Report.


Cement Integrity & Replacement, Acid Stimulation, Zonal Isolation

 Operators may request on-demand completions answering to critical and accurate zonal isolation challenges.

Then we can supply high quality (Offshore compliant) products. With a large choice of innovative steels, elastomers and devices, our R&D team and our reactive Manufacturing center can develop and deliver tailored solutions to our clients.

Our R&D test set up ISO 14310 can simulate countless well situations (Pressure up to 22,000 psi, Temperature up to 335deg C, Axial load up to 560t) to provide the quality insurance expected by our clients before running these highly critical equipment.


Beginning of the activity in Romania

After months of preparation, we finally started the activity in Romania. 

We have since done two other jobs without issue, to the great satisfaction of the clients.

This validated our technology.



With 10 years’ expertise in Inflatable Packer and Expandable Steel Patch technology, Saltel Industries has developed a range of Expandable Steel Annular Isolation Packers.

The concept is to plastically deform a stainless steel sleeve to create a solid and permanent barrier in the annulus. 

Isolation Packers before&after expansionSaltel Isolation packers can be used in any application requiring a permanent packer (annular barrier or annular isolation). With their unique High Pressure and High Temperature resistance properties, they can meet various specific expectations some classic inflatable or swellable packers cannot meet. (Geothermal, High pressure hydraulic fracturing...)

In addition, our packers provide a reliable life-of-the-well annular barrier, since they are made of stainless steel. Annular integrity is a growing concern. Our product is a long term solution to prevent uncontrolled fluid and gas migrations in the annulus.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Saltel Industries core values. We can customize Expandable Steel Packers to fit to operators specific applications depending on well conditions and job feasibility.

Well intervention and workover


gas shutoff

Well intervention and workover operations are performed for maintenance purposes to keep production levels up, but also for remedial objectives. They’re mainly carried out on oil or gas producing wells at any step of their productive life. These oilfield maintenance operations are executed to optimize oil or gas production and keep it to a satisfactory level. Well intervention operations mean important investments in the life of the well. They represent indeed an important part of the total field development costs. Reducing these development expenses with cost-effective alternatives is a good option for increasing Field Economics.

A Casing Patch for Well Intervention

Well intervention operations are for Saltel Industries a High Value Added Service Offer provided to exceed your current and future downhole requirements.

Saltel Industries offers a remedial solution for perforation shut off using a thin walled Patch run on tubing or drillpipe which allows access to the well below (for packers, tubing anchors….), seals effectively, and holds significant differential pressures. Saltel's remedial tool (Saltel Expandable Steel Patch) is conveyed on tubing or drill pipe with drilling or workover Rigs, Snubbing units, and Coiled tubing. The Patch is expanded downhole in situ, creating a high pressure inner lining inside the casing. Initially designed for perforation shut-off the technology is also suitable for repairing short lengths of damaged or corroded casing.

Xpandable Patch meets several downhole requirements, among which you may find the following applications:  

  • New Completion Repair Applications
    • Completion module repair
      • ICDs repair and Damaged Frac Port or Leaking DV Tool Repair, with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch
  • Leaking Collar or damaged coupling repair with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
    • Perforations shutoff
    • Modifying injections profiles
    • High Temperature Remedial applications
      • SAG-D Remedial interventions with Saltel Expandable Steel High Temperature Patch
      • CSS Remedial interventions with Saltel Expandable Steel High Temperature Patch
  • Standard Completion Repair Applications
    • Damaged casing Repair with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch
    • Damaged tubing Repair with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch
    • Damaged sand screen Repair with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch
  • Remedial Cementation Integrity (In case a squeeze job is required, a complimentary patch can be used to isolate perforations after the squeeze job. Although the squeeze job is successful in providing a cement barrier, the Patch is used to seal off the perforations and protect the cement from both fluids and pressures of the wellbore, ensuring casing integrity)

Well intervention with Xpandable Casing Patch: the cost-effective alternative to Workover

Well Intervention with Saltel Patch prevents not only from blow outs and collapse of the damaged strings, but it also eliminates or drastically reduces the need for a major well workover. Let's take one of our case studies about well intervention in Algeria  (Tubing Repair with Saltel Patch): "The workover of the CR13 tubing string would have been very expensive and a tubing patch was determined to be the most reliable and cost effective solution."



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SES Patch now a regular solution for downhole remedial applications

SES Patch 01

Expandable Steel Technology is now an accepted and regular solution for downhole remedial applications. The Saltel Industries Expandable Steel Patch was introduced to the industry in 2011. Saltel Expandable Steel Patch is rapidly becoming the industry standard in many regions as the cost effective solution for perforation shut-off and casing repair (well intervention).

Introducing a new technology into the oilfield is always a challenge, the high success rate and the obvious economic benefits have now convinced many operators this is the way forward.

Currently available through local bases in Canada, the USA, and Europe the SES Patches are available throughout the world from a flying squad of specialised supervisors.
Our R & D is orientated to providing simple and practical field applications, and is combined with a strong commitment to high service quality and customer satisfaction. We have several more innovative oil solutions based on our detailed knowledge of Expandable Steel Technology which will be introduced to the oilfield over the coming months.


Open Hole Completions

Open hole completions are known to last longer and to provide higher productivity. They are also cost effective - they present no perforating costs, compared to plug and perf completions. Saltel Industries brings innovative solutions for open hole multi stage fracturing

Corroded Casing Repair

7 Damaged casing 150Oil and gas well casings and tubings are submitted to corrosive liquids and salted water. Metal oxidation can appear as from 6 months, due to the casing exposure to corrosive fluids. If not treated, a corroded casing or tubing might be a real danger for the environment. The casing corrosion causes leaks and migrations into the formation, that present serious risks of groundwater contamination. It also means drastic drops in the production. An underestimated case of corroded casing may certainly lead to workover operations or to a well plug and abandonment decision. 

Operators' options:

  • Plug and abandonment: For a well whose reservoirs could offer several years of production, To abandon a well due to casing corrosion isn't the best choice an operator should make. 
  • The workover: even it costs a lot of money, the workover is very useful to put a well back on production.
  • Casing repair with the Patch: Saltel Industries offers a Cost effective solution: repairing the corroded casing, thanks to Patch.

Swellable Technologies

Swellable Technologies

The Saltel Industries knowledge in elastomer and chemistry in the oilfield, developed for its Inflatable Packers and Expandable Patch’s, have been useful to develop different recipes of swellable elastomer for oil applications. These recipes are qualified in tests loops in down hole conditions (measure of the swellable pressure under temperature with crude oil).