AZIP - Annular Zonal Isolation Packer

Metal Packer

Hydraulic set packers for zone isolation

Saltel expandable steel technology has a full range of metal packer. These packers fit for achieving annular zone isolation in open and cased holes.
The expandable Steel Packer is set using internal tubing pressure. When reaching the predetermined pressure threshold, the packer deforms smoothly against the formation or casing. Once fully set it creates an annular metal barrier, preventing migrations.

Effective zone isolation

In the first place, the sealing is achievable thanks to a layer of bonded elastomer on the outside of the metallic sleeve. Moreover, Saltel metal packer will mold to the geometry of the borehole. Furthermore, dynamic seals can also be mounted between the steel rings. Of course, they increase both the sealing capacity and the temperature rating. The end-fittings protect the expandable sleeve while running in the well.

Saltel Xpandable Hydraulic set Packer models and their applications

expandable metal Packers

Tubing Packer

Tubing Packer technology

Tubing Packer

Firstly, a Packer is a downhole device used to isolate the annulus from the production conduit. This zone isolation enables controlled production, injection or treatment.
Secondly, a typical packer assembly secures the packer against the casing or liner wall. This is possible with a slip arrangement. The goal is to create a reliable mechanical or hydraulic seal to isolate the annulus. Typically the packer uses an expandable elastomeric element.
Then, we can classify completion Packers by application, setting method, and final use. (Temporary – retrievable packers, or permanent packers).

Comparatively, Saltel Packers are critical in the completion string. In like manner, the expandable metal packer covers various zone isolation applications and are permanent. Saltel Packers offer a wide range of types and sizes. Additionally, we design our metal packers to meet specific wellbore conditions.

As a result, our range gave birth to 3 specific products.

  • ECP (external casing packer).
  • AZIP (annular zonal isolation packer).
  • FracPacker.

Openhole Packer or Cased Hole Packer selection.

Primary criteria will help you define which type of Xpandable steel Packer you need in your well.

expandable metal Packers

Then, which product would best match your downhole requirement? Openhole or cased hole packer? Which setting and operating temperatures? How about your Differential Service Pressure Ratings above and below the metal packer? Maximum ID to be set in? The Packer metallurgy? Its compatibility with the environment of your well?

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