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  • Successful Sand Screen repair, Offshore Caspian Sea

Leaking DV tool repaired with Saltel Patch


During the first fracturing stage, a leak was discovered in the DV tool. A Saltel Patch successfully covered the DV tool at 2,000 m [6,500 ft] depth and restored well integrity, enabling continued fracturing operations.

The DV tool developed a leakwhile fracturing the first stage. It was unsuccessfully squeezed multiple times.

The solution was to cover the DV tool and its collars with a patch. The program required a patch with ≥ 8,500 psi internal pressure rating, and > 3,000 psi external pressure rating.

Saltel rig

The solution

A 26-ft, 5.5-in extra-reinforced patch was selected. The patch was set in just over 3 hours, fully drifted at 4.25in, and pressure tested at 8,500 psi. 

The patch was set in 3h15 and fully drifted at 4.25 in.

The result

As an alternative to the unsuccessful squeeze cementing attempts, the patch effectively sealed and molded to the inner shape of the DV tool to isolate it, and restored well integrity.

The fracturing operations resumed and the remaining 33 stages of the well were successfully fractured at 8,500psi with 80bbl/min flow rate. The patch succesfully withstood the 8,500 psi Frac pressure.




Saltel Expandable Steel Patch features:

■ Patch through Patch
■ Small run-in diameter
■ Simple setting process
■ Minimum reduction in ID, Large through passage
■ Simple top-down setting process: if difficulties occur the tools can always be easily retrieved, redressed, & the job completed
■ Fast feasibility study, job evaluation & proposal
■ Short lead times, a skilled operations team available worldwide
■ Proven technology (Over 600 patches set worldwide)
■ 97 % success ratio
■ Adapts to casing ID, even if out of round, corroded or deformed
■ Fits both to vertical and horizontal sections




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3 Expandable Steel Patches set in the same well to shut off perforations, leaving large ID and strong collapse pressure ratings