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Leaking Couplings Repair

Casing damages are due to numerous reasons: corrosion, parts, splits or erosion.  Although the cause for these phenomenon’s may differ, the solution still remains the same, the Saltel Expandable Steel Casing Patch!  With the state of the art setting procedures of controlled plastic deformation of steel and a 2 meter sealing element at each end of the patch, attaining a pressure integrity seal in the damaged casing is assured.  The length of the patch is specifically adjusted be increase the length of the spacer pipe to cover the length the impairment.  For example, if a 10 meter joint of casing was 50% eroded, a 14 meter patch would be made, there would be 2 meters of sealing element on both sides of the eroded joint.  The sealing elements would be expanded providing a seal in the good quality casing and the spacer pipe would be expanded just the contact point in the eroded joint.