Isolation Packers

Isolation Packers

Isolation Packers are annulus barriers expanded in-situ to enable zonal isolation in various applications, depending on the operator’s requirements. Xpandable Isolation Packers are crimped or welded around the completion casing. The metallic sleeves are expanded with hydraulic pressure, through an inflation port, against the formation or the casing there are installed in. The stainless steel plastic deformation creates a solid and permanent annulus seal.

Isolation Packers – Features and benefits with Saltel Packers

Isolation Packers are robust to run, they set quickly, and they ensure a high-pressure permanent sealing in the annulus.

Isolation Packers are the ideal solution for annulus zonal isolation. Isolation packers seal effectively in oval, out-of-gauge, and irregular boreholes. Their permanent sealing resists to thermal cycling and temperature fluctuations. Since they eliminate the need for special well fluid during the expansion, the cost is reduced, and they save time with on-demand expansion and immediate sealing.

Isolation Packers: More details

Saltel Isolation Packers use proprietary expandable stainless steel technology and a patented thin layer of bonded elastomer to achieve zonal isolation during injection, production, and cementing operations. Each Isolation Packer displays specific features and performances depending on the application and the well configuration.