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Hydraulic set packers

Hydraulic set packers

Saltel Xpandable steel technology includes a full range of Hydraulic set packers suitable for achieving annular zonal isolation in open hole and cased hole applications.
The Xpandable Steel Packer is set using internal tubing pressure. When reaching the predetermined pressure threshold, the packer deforms smoothly against the formation or casing to create an annular metal barrier preventing migrations.

Effective sealing guaranteed

The sealing is achievable thanks to a layer of bonded elastomer on the outside of the metallic sleeve. The packer will mold to the geometry of the borehole. Dynamic seals can also be mounted between the steel rings, to increase both sealing capacity temperature rating. The end-fittings protect the expandable sleeve while running in the well.

Saltel Xpandable Hydraulic set Packer models and their applications