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As conventional sources of oil and gas decline, operators are increasingly turning their attention to unexplored or underdeveloped areas. High temperatures and/or high pressures are often found in these uncharted territories, presenting complex challenges.
According to the SPE E&P glossary, high temperature is where the undisturbed bottom hole temperature is greater than 300°F or 150°C. As for high pressure, that definition is met when the maximum anticipated pore pressure of the porous formation to be drilled exceeds a hydrostatic gradient of 0.8 psi/ft, or the well requiring pressure control equipment has a rated working pressure in excess of 10,000 psi or 69 MPa.
As tools and technologies for these wells become conventional, the temperatures and pressures considered high, extreme or ultra will continue to rise.
Saltel Industries has developed a range of Expandable Steel Casing Patches and Packers with unique characteristics aiming at working at 15,000 psi and sealing with 15,000 psi differential pressure.
Sealing elements have even been developed for use in at working temperatures of up to 335°C/635°F.