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High Temperature patch installations in California


Successful High Temperature patch installations in Californian thermal wells

Casing repair with Saltel High Temperature PatchSaltel Industries successfully completed the installation of 3 patches, to repair leaking casings in 2 cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) wells, for an operator in the US, Ca.

The client was looking for a remedial solution displaying strong resistance to maximum 380 degF [193 degC] temperature, during steam injection cycles.

Saltel suggested Saltel Patch with high temperature design, qualified under max 480 degF [250 degC], ensuring continuous resistance up to 450 degF [230 degC]. 

1st well – 2 patches

Both patches (8-5/8in, Ultraslim, 19.6 ft [6 m] long) were installed in 8-5/8in casing.

  • Top patch was installed to cover 58-61 ft [17.68 - 18.59 m] leak interval.
  • The bottom patch was installed over 711-714 ft [216.71 - 217.63 m] leak interval.

The second patch setting is one more confirmation of our the patch through patch capacity.

A solid pressure test confirmed the leaks were isolated with success.  

2nd well – 1 patch

7in Ultraslim, 19.6 ft [6 m] long) set in 7in casing at 120 degF [49 degC] temperature. The patch was set over 406-408ft [123.75 - 124.36 m] leak interval.


Saltel Patch was much appreciated for its easy conformance to irregular geometries and its ability to be set gently against fragile tubulars, while offering strong sealing characteristics.

The Saltel PTT (Pressure Test Tool) was then deployed to immediately confirm with the same crew the correct isolation of the leaking zone.

The installation was a complete success with field tickets rated “excellent”. The client is glad of this first experience with Saltel high temperature patch technology.

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