Growing with Saltel Industries


We believe in life-long learning and we don’t expect our employees to come from schools with everything they already need to know and do.
Since our technology is unique, we have built our own training tools and programs:

  • Technical and marketing schools for operations and business employees
  • Certification program for the operations employees
  • Manufacturing training for the production employees
  • E-learning: upon arrival and during your career with Saltel, you will have to develop and maintain your knowledge on the topics related to your job. Our internal collaborative knowledge portal offers a wide range of topics such as safety guidelines, technical procedures, and best practices. Depending on your job, you are required to read specific documents to be certified to do your job. Both you and management are able to track your training progress.


Saltel is a rapidly growing company, and the employees who have chosen to join us usually share this will to develop. To support this,

  • We value and encourage internal mobility
  • We design a career path for you
  • We support life-long learning